Trader’s Alley Arts District

The Colonial Arts Center is located at the “top” of Buckhannon’s Trader’s Alley Arts District, which continues down Trader’s Alley to Jawbone Park.

The name “Trader’s Alley” comes from an informal farmer’s market that used to take place on the same property. Architect Bryson VanNostrand presented a plan to the city in 2015 to designate this alley as an arts space that would also serve as an easier way for foot travel from Main Street to Jawbone Park. The city agreed, and plans moved forward with reconstruction of the alley and the installation of public arts and outdoor exhibits.

In the warmer months, Jawbone Park is host to Festival Fridays, weekly events starting around 5 PM, where they pack vendors and artists of all sorts into the park for family entertainment that lasts until 8:30 PM. The park connects to Trader’s Alley, where you can stroll past murals and different types of art unique to the alley. The Lascaux Micro-Theater is hidden on the left of the alley down a flight of stairs, but offers the opportunity to experience the most unique films in one of the smallest movie theater venues. The alley connects to Main Street, where Artistry On Main sits with local artists’ works for purchase. Across the street is the home of the Colonial Arts Center.

This district will showcase the art of many talented artists, including students of all ages that are learning different ways to express their creativity, professional artists of their craft, and anyone in between.